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Fun fact, pilots only get two punch-outs before becoming medically disqualified to ever fly again
The stress on their spinal column from ejection is too much of a risk for a third attempt.

1 - “Request a flyby”

F-22 Raptors at Hickam AFB, Hawaii

Sebastian Vettel celebrates winning the 2009 Japanese GP with his race engineer ‘Rocky’.

I hate war. Period. But there is nothing more awesome than hearing that a woman, the UAEs first female pilot led the airstrikes against ISIS. A muslim woman, Major Mariam Al Mansouri, who wears hijab with her gear. Love it! The best aspect is the rebuke this implies towards ISIS’ ultra conservative ideology and further proving that there is no difference between men and women. Especially when defending their country. Hey ISIS, you were just bombed by a woman!

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"In order to talk through their differences, [James and Niki] sat down for dinner in a quiet corner of the Glen Motor Inn’s dining room, surrounded by the giant picture windows overlooking the lakes. The scene could not have been more tranquil… The meal had broken the ice, and the two drivers subsequently spent a lot of time smoothing over their differences and renewing their friendship, which had been fractured temporarily by events in Canada.

After that, they arranged to move to adjoining hotel rooms, where they kept their doors open and socialized together as much as possible. At the time, Fawlty Towers was Europe’s top comedy TV show, so Lauda used to wake Hunt in the morning with practical jokes and hilarious Fawlty Towers-type John Cleese impressions."
Tom Rubython (via ronnie-peterson)