"I have a good story of black metalers and the forest. There are two types: those with gladiatorboots (boots with big shinguards) and those without and those who have them tied and those who have them untied. When you have them untied they make alot of noise when you walk and that is to scare away the squirrels. I have a pair of boots where the toe part stick up a bit. And at the tip I’ve gotten lots of scratches, which make no sense to me at all. I don’t walk like this…(Fenriz stumbles around draging his toes to the ground) But then it hit me - shit! It’s when I’m drunk as hell on my way home. That is when the squirrel comes out of the woods and says “Attack”! and bites the boots like crazy. When I had my boots untied he never came, so the shinguards are there to keep the squirrel away."
Fenriz, apparently.
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